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100X Beaver Dress Weight in Black-

Western Pinch Front with Mule Kick in Back Crown & Unfinished Brim-

Vintage Beaded Hatband, Twisted Leather Hatband with Ostrich Leather Pouch- Porcupine Quill Trim-

Denim & Leather Stampede Strings that are removable-

**Size 7 5/8 R Ready To Ship

Man In Black

    • Your hat band has not been tacked down unless it was requested by you. This allows you to interchange your hat band with others.
    • Your lining has not been sewn/glued into your hat. This allows you to take it out to spot/dry clean.
    • Make sure when you take off your hat, you handle by the brim and always place upside down on the crown. 
    • Do not leave your hat hanging on a hat rack for too long. Store it in your box. This will prevent indentions in your crown and keep it from accumulating dust.
    • Try not to get your hat wet! Getting your hat wet can change the shape once it dries.
    • With all felt hats, brush your hat with a horsehair hat brush.
    • With Straws, do not wear in the rain!
    • Lastly, enjoy!!



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