Guide to starting your custom A. Botts Willis hat order: 

Step 1

Measure the circumference of your head using a soft tape measure or string. If you have long hair, make sure your hair is down when measuring.

- Place tape or string a 1/2 inch above your ears. - Make sure there is no give in the tape. - Record, in inches, the spot where the two points touch. -

Step 3

Choose your color.

- Contact us for current availability of colors in your chosen felt quality or straw. -

Step 5

Choose your leather sweatband color and optional branded or burnished initials, name, and/or hat name.

- Nude - Ginger - Antique Brown - Black -

Step 2

Choose between our three types of felt or straw.

-100x beaver - 50% beaver/50% rabbit - 100x rabbit - Panama straw-

Step 4

Choose your crown and brim shape.

- Refer to "custom gallery" and chart above for inspiration and guidance. -

Step 6

Choose your hatband and trim details.

- Refer to "custom gallery" for inspiration and contact us for specific availability on hatbands and trims. -

All hat orders come with a hat box, removable satin lining, and gift-with-purchase.

Contact us at or @abottswillis on instagram to place your custom order or for any questions about the process!

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